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Big Book
12 & 12
As Bill Sees It
Living Sober
Daily Reflections
Came to Believe
Experience, Strength and Hope
AA Comes of Age
Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers
Pass It On

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AA Grapevine

The International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Visit the AA Grapevine Website


AA Box 4-5-9

News & Notes from G.S.O.

Visit the AA Box 4-5-9 Website


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12th Step Volunteer List Application Form


Items for Sale

Alcoholics Anonymous ( Big Book)

Big Book Large Print $11.90

Big Book Hard Cover $11.00

Big Book Soft Cover $10.45

Big Book Pocket (Abridged) $6.45


Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

12 & 12 Large Print $10.40

12 & 12 Hard Cover $11.25

12 & 12 Soft Cover $10.50

12 & 12 Gift $10.95

12 & 12 Pocket $7.95


As Bill Sees It

As Bill Sees It Large Print $12.50

As Bill Sees It Hard Cover $10.50

As Bill Sees It Soft Cover $9.50


Living Sober

Living Sober Large Print $8.50

Living Sober Soft Cover $5.70


Daily Reflections

Daily Reflections Large Print $14.75

Daily Reflections Soft Cover $12.15


Came to Believe

Came to Believe Large Print $9.10

Came to Believe Soft Cover $5.70


Experience, Strength and Hope

Experience, Strength and Hope $9.45


AA Comes of Age

AA Comes of Age $11.10


Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers

Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers $12.40


Pass It On

Pass It On $13.00


Birthday Club Contribution

Contributions to the Central Florida Intergroup support services to our members and groups throughout Central Florida and help ensure that the A.A. message is carried in our region. The services that the CFL IG provides the A.A. groups cost more than $x per member per year. A Birthday Club is a fun and personal way for members to contribute. Members customarily contribute a dollar smount per year for each year of sobriety -- others may give a penny or a nickel a day for each day of their sobriety. Contributions are only accepted from A.A. members.

For another great way to contribute to A.A., take a peek at the Birthday Plan on AA.ORG, our General Service Office's website.

Birthday Club: Enter your desired one time contribution in the box at left.
(contributions over $3,000 per member per year are not accepted)